Americans Under Compulsion: PQRS…T-4, Hitler’s Healthcare

Americans Under Compulsion: PQRS…T-4, Hitler’s Healthcare

“Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give,

not reluctantly or under compulsion,

for God loves a cheerful giver.”

2 Corinthians 9:7

Merely a generation ago, folks entered the practice of medicine, or allied healthcare professions, out of a genuine sense of compassion; a desire to sow generously into the lives of others. But the sower of weeds and grafter of STEMS implanted bogus humanitarianism, laced with operant conditioning of fiat rewards, into the fields of transcendent grace and hope. Compassion has been supplanted by compulsion.

Welcome to O’Fascist-care facilitated by the ergotrons of data mongering; the technocracy integrated with psychology’s operant conditioning playing upon neurochemical compulsion loops of the brain’s reward center. (Nucleus accumbens)

Compulsion: An irresistible urge to perform some act without rational purpose.”

That definition, in and of itself, pretty much sums up the entire American lifestyle. At least Skinner’s rats were searching for cheese. American’s don’t even know why they are in such a hurry to scurry through the maze.

The Greek roots (agkale’, agkos, anagkastos, anagke) which linguistic scholars have translated as compulsion, provides the graphic of “twisting or bending of the arm, constrained, coerced, in bonds.” Something is compelling these beings onward over the cliff.

In what used to be “healthcare” that “something”, that tool of Skinner’s Operant Conditioning for rewards, that scent of cheese, is the Federal Government and Third party payers of “healthcare” reimbursements.

The Federal Government has long had its hands, graft, whips and chains over healthcare education, licensing and delivery. In fact, it was the Federal Government’s entitlement schemes that drove the costs of healthcare delivery off the charts. Create a crisis, then swoop in to create dependence. (impress, indoctrinate, intimidate: Isms 101)

  1. Data for Dollars. PQRS, Physician Quality Reporting System

Using information technology to catalyze collective dependence and social engineering is nothing new. The Babylonians, Jews, Chinese, and Romans conducted censere, or ‘estimates’ of their population numbers for taxes, tribute, dole and military force.

Hitler did this with the help of IBM, for the Nazi’s T-4 elimination, eugenics, research and euthanasia programs and pogroms.

The United States compiled information databases for social engineering in the Eugenics Record Office (ERO), founded in 1904 at Cold Spring Harbor, New York by eugenicist, biologist, mathematician Harry Laughlin, funded by the Rockefellers, Carnegies, Harrimans etc.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 ushered in a toxic flood of operant conditioning, incentives for building information infrastructure, Electronic Healthcare Records, Registries, Federal Education curriculum and databases etc. breeding and feeding a host of saprophytic technology industries that would collect, feast, fabricate and integrate “information” to basically run the nation’s people ragged.

These competitions for cash were initiated under the guise of ‘Economic Recovery’; which was never the purpose of The Government anyway. (You can’t have totalitarian economics and have personal freedom.) Totalitarian economics means life under compulsion and the loss of humanity.

Under the PQRS Physician Quality Reporting System, physician practices, clinics, hospitals, rehab facilities etc. are incentivized by higher reimbursements for collecting more data and reporting this data to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Those doctors and facilities that don’t play the PQRS game are penalized up to 6% for non-compliance in reporting patient information and procedures.

This coercion occurs under the propaganda that somehow this data registry will improve patient care. As if your grandma is exactly like someone else’s octogenarian grandma to perform a scientific based comparison anyway. (You see what happens to scientific method when the higher ed, research, pharmaceutical and medical technology dollars are government/crony funded?) This is why if you take your grandma to the ER or the internist, the chiropractor, the therapist or even the Optometrist, they’ll be asking unrelated questions like: “Has grandma had her pertussis vaccination? What political party does grandma identify with?…Has grandma ever had chicken pox?….Is grandma pregnant? What kind of birth control does grandma employ? What ethnicity is grandma?” (she’s laying on the gurney….septic)

  1. Doctors in a World of Hurt.

Speeding through the ER, (you know it’s all clocked now, so they can post it on the Interstate signs: “6 minutes to ER doc,….be out in time for fast food and the early matinee..”) they must assign a diagnosis code (ICD-10) in race to the top time, so that they can assign a discharge date. No bed remains unused or more staff present than warranted by ratios of bodies in beds. No matter the level of illness of the patient, it’s a body. As soon as a patient is admitted to the hospital the social worker is already researching and reserving beds in rehab facilities. Like the game of hot potato, there are fewer beds than patients, and far fewer staff to care for patients.

By the way, no one looks at bodies anymore.

Back in the old days of healthcare there was the S.O.A.P. format: Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan. “Stop, Listen and Look”.

You asked the patient their history, why they were there, what ailed them, what happened to initiate their visit. You reviewed their drug history, their allergies to medications, (Subjective) their vital signs, and looked at their body. (Objective) Assessed this information, discussed it with the patient, (oh yes, it is their body) answered questions, provided options, education and developed a Plan as to how to best meet this unique individual’s healthcare goals. You also considered cost. After all, the patient was responsible to pay for this or that testing, scan, lab, drug, therapy, surgery, device, implant etc.

Ahhh, that does precipitate another factor in the O’Fascist-care frenzy. Pharmaceutical and equipment vendors sponsor and pay for Doctor, nurse, therapist, assistant, technician healthcare Continuing Education. How convenient is that? Make a drug, device, or product and then educate the doctors, nurses, physician assistants, technicians to prescribe your drug and link with insurance companies for payment schedules and “approved” drug lists. Provide “free” samples, waiting room brochures, pens, magnets, cups, lunches and pre-printed prescription pads and coupons to promote drug ware.

  1. Time’s Up, On-line and Over time….losing patience with patients….

Doctors, nurses, physician assistants, technicians, therapists etc. in a world of hurt are now forced to enter reams of data in the Electronic Healthcare Records, Insurance claims, Reporting and Registry databases. They also must go through terabytes of data each day as labs, scans, consults, pharmacies, insurance claims, social services, therapists, assistants, nurses, managers, software glitches, claim rejects, patients, patient family members and The Government’s O’Fascist-care system demand their review, approval, interpretation, action and entry into the patient Electronic Health Record notes. And they must swear verification that all this information in said record is accurate and true.

EACH DAY a doctor receives literally hundreds of “TASKS” to perform regarding “information” via the data maker. These medical professionals are under compulsion to review, ruminate, correlate, research, sort, assess, dialog, communicate and formulate a plan as to how the data affects this particular patient times hundreds. In addition to this never-ending data stream these doctors are usually “seeing” over 30 patients a day. (They too, have quotas to meet like any factory worker.) Each of these patient encounters will produce yet more “TASKS” on the transistorized tormentor.

Obviously, there is not enough time to humanly accomplish these demands. So, something of the SOAP must fall by the wayside. Skipping the subjective history and the objective examination of the body….this leads to the default of an Assessment based on Assumption and a “plan” that includes : REFER OUT. Thus, the patient moves along the accelerating conveyor belt on to Specialist-land.

More codes, more tests, more interventions, more confusion, more cost, less communication and sadly more induced trauma. At this level the healthcare teams largely seem to have overlooked the fact that testing, scans, CT contrast dyes, catheters, biopsies, sensory overload, infusions, big gun drugs, narcotics, this study and that intervention, all induce their own trauma on the already traumatized patient. As the tower moves higher up, the specialists become more narrowly defined in their realms of expertise and less likely to look at the entire patient’s body or hear or review their entire history. Instead they too, often crave more data.

  1. Living on the Edge.

The definition of Trauma is: being in a state of overwhelm and not being able to flee from it. When demands exceed the person’s abilities to successfully accomplish their TASKS, the human being reverts into their limbic system. This is the emotional midbrain, the fight, fright or flight, reflexive survival oriented habits. Limbic comes from the Latin root, limbus…the edge….limbo.

Limbo, or the limbic system is not where you want your healthcare team to be. This is not thinking in the higher cortical areas of the brain or accessing the executive function of thoughtful integration. It takes time to focus, perceive, gather accurate information, systematically compare, contrast, analyze, elaborate, hypothesize, and communicate. No one can do this well under compulsion and coercion of computer screens, monitors, codes for cash, cash for dash, dings, dongs, bells, smart phones and unrealistic demands to interrogate, record, and stuff a national database full of metrics information under threat of reimbursement, life, livelihood, degrees, perjury, lawsuit and death.

  1. Doc in a Box, Vending Machine Medicine…just google it.

Just as Federal intervention disabled parents from the educating their children, the Fed Led O’Fascist-care, has disabled doctors from caring for their patients. That was their intent. Data for dollars will replace healthcare practitioners just as Data for dollars has replaced classroom educators in government schools. Data is not knowledge nor is it wisdom. But data, bogus or not, does provide lots of fodder for the technology folly to manage mass men with machine medicine.

Doc in a Box

  1. Place your hand on the screen, as it takes your vital signs, or connect your fit bit bracelet to the USB port;
  2. Enter your I.D. number or demographics, age, gender, ethnicity, and political party, education level. Your bank account will be charged per determination of your worth to The STATE
  3. Check a box of symptoms
  4. Current pharmaceutical prescriptions will already be accessed via pharmaceutical links; allergic reactions? Too bad.
  5. Push “DIAGNOSE”
  6. Receive Diagnosis Code
  7. Pills will be delivered via Drone.

Pills may be SOMA, secobarbital, pentobarbital or whatever the Fed Led Med technocracy determines as cost benefit ratio favorable to The State.

Just think of the saved revenue! Doc in a Box, eliminates the doctor, nurse, receptionist, pharmacist, drug rep, insurance clerk, actuaries, social workers, therapists, aides, technicians, maintenance and dietary staff and perhaps, even the patient.

  1. Haitian Healthcare: Faith, Family, Food, Friends and Future

We used to joke about Haitian Healthcare. In Haiti, if one gets put in a hospital, one must have a family member come and take care of the patient, bring food, water, bedding, and often go searching for drugs on the open market.

Today in America, we must learn from our island neighbors, not living under compulsion. We too, must have a family member with our loved one in the hospital. While the hospital staff is so busy entering data, so under staffed due to ratios, quotas, and cronyism, so specialized and so in a hurry, a family member must be present to look, listen, communicate, advocate and feed the patient. The food in the hospitals is processed byproducts full of glutamic acid, high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, hydrogenated oils, malto dextrins, emulsifiers, whey, preservatives, dyes, artificial sweeteners, reconstituted chemicals…items you’d not eat if you were well, let alone sick. So, be certain to bring your own food, vitamins, real butter, real water and real yogurt, particularly if on antibiotics.

Goes back to the basics. Family, Faith, Food, Friends and look to the Future. The Haitians have always had their social security plan. Perhaps we ought to recognize the transcendence of it. If Haitians have enough children and nurture them well, perhaps their children will take care of them in their old age. Better to nurture your seed rather than to kill, consume or leave it enslaved by compulsions.

“And God is able to make all grace abound to you,

so that in all things at all times,

having all that you need, you will abound in every good work.

As it is written:

‘He has scattered abroad his gifts to the poor;

His righteousness endures forever.’

Now He Who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will also supply and increase your store of seed and will enlarge the harvest of your righteousness.”

2 Corinthians 9:8-10

Must say there is more need than ever for volunteers at hospitals to fill in support roles for those lacking family and friends and for helping to ease the pain, confusion, trauma of a system bent on dehumanizing humans in the race of dollars for data.

Pray for those in every aspect of healthcare and align with those now retired from healthcare. These seasoned professionals still possessing the knowledge, compassion, liberty and the seeds to keep planting, caring, and healing despite technocracy’s poison pills.

Your life may very well depend on it. 

You too, may be visiting Haiti or the free clinic for your healthcare….as many of these retired healthcare geniuses have taken to delivering their acts of mercy in mission clinics unencumbered by the technocracy.—Practice-Management/Physician-Quality-Reporting-System-(PQRS)—Physician-Value-Based-Payment-Modifier-(VBM)-FAQ/



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