Digital Media KGB Multiplies Minions

Digital Media KGB Multiplies Minions

“There can be no liberty in a community which lacks the means by which to detect lies.”

Walter Lippmann, Propagandist for Woodrow Wilson

Author of Public Opinion

It is well recognized that whoever controls the media and education implants the ideas that control the minds and thereby the actions of individuals, groups, and nations.

Today, via the use of digital media, people of all ages are being uploaded with an internal KGB. An addictive digital KGB, which not only provides a steady diet of deception and disinformation, but is also shaping the very neural structure of the individual interacting with the media. Recall that: the behavior, the actions, whatever one does, experiences or focuses on, modifies the neural system no less than the neural system directs the behavior. This is the essence of education ie. Neuroplasticity.

By habituating to a digital media culture we are subjugating to the very means that will be the destruction of free-thinking and rational acting individuals. As digital media integrates into every activity of daily life, from social media, research, education, finance, news, techno-nanny, communication, commerce, labor etc. it widens its net of influence, dependency and control over the social, emotional, economic, moral and religious aspects of human beings.

By controlling, censoring, tracking access to ‘information’ all the while shaping the internal structures and reflexive habits, digital media acts as the KGB shaping the minds of minions. Minions whose internal habits will be conditioned to act upon the embedded logic of software, specific phraseology, emotions, perceived “rights”, and falsehoods– not unlike those of regimes of the past. (French Revolutions, Bolshevik Communism, Stalinism, Fascism, Nazism, Democratic Socialism, Utopianism….etc.)

The success of those regimes laid not so much in their force and fraud, as in the receptive condition of the minds of the common people. The revolutions and regimes were ‘successful’ because the people had been conditioned to want them. Most people do not want to lead, only to follow. Follow a regime that promises comfort, security and prosperity.

But, there are those who wish to lead, and lead they will. Using external means to shape the internal volition. 

—“A government strong enough to act in defiance of public feeling may disregard the plausible heresy that prevention is better than punishment, for it is able to punish.

—But a government entirely dependent on opinion looks for some security what that opinion shall be, strives for the control of the forces that shape it, and is fearful of suffering the people to be educated in sentiments hostile to its institutions.”

Statesman historian Lord Acton (1834-1902) commenting on Democracy.

Most statesmen recognized that democracy degenerates to socialism and ultimately to absolutism of some fashion. (Totalitarianism, despotism, etc.) Recall that Marx stated, “the first step in the revolution is…to establish democracy.”

Just as the: tax on paper in the 18th century; prohibition on slaves being taught to read; Marx’s Communist Manifesto platform of “free public education” aligned with industrial production; Fascism’s Gleichschaltung programs and Agencies of Propaganda, it is proven that the intent is to deny access to truth and the means by which to recognize truth. Thereby creating an easily manipulated mass of common minions, unable to sustain Liberty.

On this subject, the views of a professional deceptionist may be relevant.

“According to a senior KGB defector, Western opinion has been skillfully and systematically duped ever since Lenin’s NEP (New Economic Policy ie. State capitalism).

The control of all information, combined with selective leaks and plants, enabled the Soviet security service to feed the West with an endless stream of false impressions.

The ‘de-Stalinization’ of the 1950’s was only a modified form of Stalinism. The ‘Sino-Soviet split’ of 1960 was jointly engineered by the CPSU and the CPC. ‘Romanian independence’ was a myth invented for the convenience both of Moscow and Bucharest. Czechoslovak ‘democratization’ in 1968 was orchestrated by progressive elements in the KGB. ‘Eurocommunism’ was another sham. Even ‘Solidarity’ in Poland was run by Moscow’s agents.” Published in 1984, before Gorbachev’s rise to power, this expose’ of the KGB by an insider is obligatory reading for anyone pondering the ambiguities of ‘glasnost’ and ‘perestroika’, or the mysteries of the 1991 ‘Putsch’.

The problem is: when do professional deceivers stop deceiving?”

Anatoliy Golitsyn, New Lies for Old: The Communist Strategy of Deception and Disinformation (London 1984), 412

It is said, “perception is 99% of reality.” One’s interpretation, one’s “perception” of reality is dependent upon one’s prior experiences and how the meaning of those experiences was mediated to the recipient. This is why parents are designated by God to be the mediators of meaning, of values, knowledge, beliefs to their children. Fashioning a mind, a value system, a framework upon which to anchor one’s life is serious business. It matters to God and ought to matter to each of us.

Today we have adults online the majority of their waking hours; youth on-line 24-7; mandated K-12 public education digital “E-learning” via Congressional ESSA; ‘educational’ digital media gaming, social media, university, collegiate, continuing ed requiring on-line, digital ‘learning’; presidential BRAIN Initiatives (propagandized as conducting “research” on how the brain works) using taxpayer, foundational, and crony capitalism funds increasing the density of “The NET” to harvest more minions for processing.

This digital Processing is using internal neural chemistry reward centers (nucleus accumbens, dopamine etc.), neural compulsion loops shaping public opinion, neural connections, embedding symbolic images, phrase triggers, ideologies and reflexes serving as the internal formative KGB for soul consumption and mass production of minions.

Research documents 20% reduction in white and gray matter in specific areas of the brain associated with cognition, impulse control and rational thought in digital media users.

Technology oriented countries estimate over 30% of youth with Internet Addiction Disorder.

Digital media use embeds Attention Deficit Disorder as do “Smart Phones”, via the use of changing graphic media, incessant distractions, constant interruptions, texting, emotional content and imperative compulsive nature.

The hyper-vigilant angst inducing state of digital media users is resulting in heightened drug, alcohol, gaming use seeking to imitate the euphoric neurochemical experience induced in the brain or to calm the burnout inherent under digital compulsion overwhelming folks with sensory and information overload.

Kept on a steady diet of propaganda media, movies and global atrocities the masses are increasingly diffusing, sipping, sniffing, smoking, snorting, ingesting and injecting pharmaceuticals, foodiceuticals, supplements, weeds, oils, off label compounding at unprecedented rates in attempts to escape from the stresses of the “technology” that was to make life more comfy, secure and convenient.

And this is good? Perhaps so, if you want a populace designed for slavery…or are an investor in such “capitalist” enterprises.

Economic gobble-ization via division of labor (Adam Smith knew, that while it was good for “Wealth of Nations” it produces very stupid people), removes the ability for independence, self-government, and liberty under God. In the end it results in soul consumption, the self-destruction of the digitally uploaded minions.

The Antidote:

Unplug and take control of your own brain wiring and that of your children.

DeTox. Take charge of the stimuli, experiences and information, which enters your sensory systems.

Return to The Word. Learn to astutely discern the Truth, the times and prepare to fulfill your role in His Plan.


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The BRAIN Initiative involving FDA, NIH, DARPA, IARPA and countless “non-profit” colleges, universities, hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical, foundations, NGO’s and countless crony capitalists and digital technology accomplices poised to reap multitudes of consumers for consumption.






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