Why Not Government Subsidized Educational Savings Account (ESA) “School Choice” Vouchers?

Why Not Government Subsidized Educational Savings Account (ESA) “School Choice” Vouchers?

“It is hardly too strong to say that the Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions…

There are men, in all ages…who mean to govern well; but they mean to govern. They promise to be kind masters; but they mean to be masters…..”

Daniel Webster

  1. 1. Governments want to govern. Governments want to control their subjects. Governments want subjects to be dependent on government services. Services are provided by the government via redistribution of funds that are gained via taxation.

One is not born being capable of liberty. Being capable of liberty requires being educated and matured for liberty. Education for liberty encompasses the intentional development of abilities, attitudes, intellect, and principles to be capable of self-sufficiency, not government dependence.

If the parents’ goal is to educate their heirs for liberty; then the parents ought not have their heirs trained by the Government whose goal is to shape easily controlled, dependent subjects from which to glean more tax revenues.

  1. Government revenues are generated via taxation of each economic transaction for consumer goods, products, services, and investments as well as taxation on savings, personal and business property etc. Thus, governments gain more tax revenues as the number of transactions increases and as the cost of these transactions rises. Ie. Inflation. Taxation destroys the desire to save, invest, or build private businesses that provide employment options distinct from the ever-expanding number of government related jobs.
  1. The political Left has an extensive history aligned with expanding the role of government, particularly in “education” via government subsidized public schools, Title funding, colleges, universities, training programs etc.
  1. The political Right has joined ranks with the political Left in its efforts to continue to expand the role of government into education. The Right and the so-called “School Choice” ESA movement has decided to further the destabilization of public education via its redistribution of tax funds in the form of Education Savings Accounts (ESA) and create more taxable transactions and increase costs for services via its pumping of “free” money into the formerly private education market.

Of course this will require layers of government oversight, including registration, invasive tracking, testing and measures of accountability for both recipients and vendor providers of goods and services, since it is using taxpayer funded government redistributed money. How convenient is that? The government gets to expand its territory of control, generate more to tax, and control the content of the “education” for subjects at the same time? And it is being done by those who are supposed to be conservative associated with reducing the size and over reach of government. Go figure. Oh yes, it will take some figuring or just multiplying of the magic binary illusion currency, since you’ll not reduce the numbers of dependents on the government but expand the roles of dependents.

  1. Now would be a good time to set the records straight regarding public education in America. Public Education or Common Schools as they were entitled in the early 1800’s, were established for those who were failing to educate their children. They were not free, not compulsory, nor were they universal. The majority of Americans were educated via private education.

Privately funded education was extensive and extremely successful in America. It was Horace Mann, Karl Marx, John Dewey and the Teacher colleges that contrived to make education regimented, standardized, taxpayer subsidized, and government controlled. *

  1. As Milton Friedman used to say, “all act for self-interest”, and “the least amount of care is given when spending other people’s money on other people.” Governments included. Government redistribution of taxpayer funds via Educational Savings Accounts (ESA) under the misnomer of “School Choice” cannot be expected to train or equip its recipients -students, parents, service providers, curriculum and testing vendors,- to embrace liberty, freedom or independence from government dole.

That would be entirely in opposition to the self-interest of the Government, governing system.

  1. Non-profit masquerade. It is also interesting to note that these groups, on the so-called Right and Left (two sides of the ‘Want to Govern’ Coin), avoid taxation. Oh yes, their advertise “Free Market” enterprise yet ironically are quite enterprising in setting themselves up as Non-profit organizations. Is this “new math” or more double speak? Free enterprise that is “non-profit”? How does one pay for one’s enterprise if one does not make a profit? Oh yes, by receiving tax-exempt status for donations and tax benefits for their donors who also take the bait in the bait and switch government control program. Of course both “non-profit” and donor are deceived or part of the oligarchy as they fulfill their government sanctioned “service” to local, state, regional, national and global subjects.

Donors are deceived by taking the tax benefit bait, the coupon that keeps one hooked and missing the mission, method, Audience, and motive detailed in Matthew chapter 6. The “Non-profits” are fulfilling Marx and Engels dialectic of Materialism goals and The Humanist Manifesto Article 14 goals of all to be non-profits, no private property, and no for-profit business. And on a religious aspect, the non-profits are perpetuating a long history of the visible church being under the control of The State.

So as you ponder the cognitive dissonance in all the double-speak about “ School Choice”, remember that governments choose to control and do so by controlling the institutions that influence the citizenry. Whoever takes the bait of “free” ESA money will be mastered and rendered incapable of liberty.

Recall that in Socialism it is not about who owns the property, but who controls it. Socialism works because the mindset of the people is such that they have been trained to want it. And binary dollars are easily replicated, regulated, taxed, tracked, and eliminated.

Oh yes, it is not “Free Market” Competition when one or more of the competitors has access to unlimited resources via its ability to tax the public.





* Education and The State, A Study in Political Economy by E.G. West

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