How the Emperors Lost Their Pants:The Systematic Stripping Away of Principles

How the Emperors Lost Their Pants:The Systematic Stripping Away of Principles

That is why all totalitarian states are distinguished by their utter lack of principle. Only his individual conscience binds man to the Eternal Power that sanctions treaties and enables him unflinchingly to defend obligations to his fellows, which may not be violated for any price, against the tyranny of national profit and the unfettered passions of the herd.”

F.W. Foerster in Europe and the German Question, 1940

How does the intellectual Atlas continue its attempts to hold back the heavens from embracing the earth? Recalling the mythology, Atlas was on the losing side and was condemned to stand at the western edge of the earth and hold the heavens on his shoulders– No, not the globe. See how myths propagate more myths in the Intellectual Imperialism?

So, how did the Emperors, the current self-proclaimed “conservative champions”, lose their pants, their principles and their coalition? No Armor by which to Stand.

  1. Belt of Truth.What is right derives from God, not from what the globalists want to promote as politically correct, the latest “legislation” or court decision. Oh yes, the entire entourage will bow, compromise and model this intellectual appeasement for others to: past the test, make the scores look good, get the scholarships, get the degrees; keep the charter, the funding, the grants, the tax-exemption, the credits, the donations, the non-profit status, the position, the power, the applause, the bogus benevolence, the tax-deduction and the lifestyle.

But, without the resolve to hold undeviatingly to the principle of Truth, there is nothing to hold Atlas’s pants up or toga together. As a result, he’s propagating many illegitimate children, who continue the slavery of compromise.

  1. Breastplate of Righteousness.

As Intellectual Atlas continues to displace God from The Throne, Atlas continues to place materialism’s favorite son, “Economic Prosperity” on the dais and himself as the noble, sage of satiation of all sensory needs. Intellectual Atlas will dictate what is “right, good, beautiful and noble” and the ways to attain this higher life via education, media, arts and commerce. Of course, Atlas proclaims his syncretic “religion”, not unlike the myths from which he was derived, because Atlas loves to hear himself orate, debate, lecture, stimulate and community organize. He loves to be quoted, twitted, tweeted, posted, linked and “liked.” Most ‘gods’ do.

  1. Feet fitted with readiness that comes from the Gospel of Peace.

Atlas has been moving all right, he is definitely networked. But, just whose “gospel” and “peace” with whom is the problem. Attention deficit is just as prevalent in the Intellectual Imperialism as it is for those on digital dictatorship. In fact, the overlap is prodigious. Atlas seems to have missed the point of the peace, the reconciliation is with God, and the only means by which that reconciliation transpires is through Jesus Christ. Period. No debate indicated. Humility is not a strong suit with Atlas.

How did it happen that the Greek mythology continued? How was it that the visible church got yoked, again, with the state? Oh yes, “economics and prosperity” via state funded “education,” and economic “infrastructure.” Clarification: state redistribution of taxpayer monies, exemptions, grants, favors etc. to those who covenant to indoctrinate with allegiance to state ideologies which enshrine the ‘state’ as the benevolent provider, defender, employer, healer, entertainer, “god.”

The Intellectual Emperors create Intellectual prostitutes of their young proselytes appointing them to rank and position in their education, political and media networks.

Alas, trilogies of lament could be composed; as yet another young comrade is enslaved via the classical methods of approbation and compromise, (the art of ‘statesmanship,’) thereby conscripted into the latest Intellectual crusade. Like the Germans under the Third Reich, they too think they are “free.”

  1. Shield of Faith.

Sadly, the Intellectual Emperors, themselves have long lost the essentials of faith. Having trusted only in “enlightened” man’s sciences, stickers, degrees, positions of influence and power; and having become addicted to the approbation, which accompanies the ivory towers of manipulation, they place their faith in their information, networks, appointed hierarchy positions and ideology warehouses.

  1. Helmet of Salvation.

Atlas continues to think he can think himself out of this; that he can save himself. He recognizes the effects of gravity, the dumbing down of humanity, the consequences of failed political and behavioral science, social engineering. Yet, with the perseverance and egocentric blindness of a donkey Atlas continues to spout his theories. Theories that by sheer repetition begin to masquerade as evidence in his own mind. Tell a lie long enough, keep repeating the myth, and Atlas begins to believe and act upon his own propaganda, his own means to his own end.

  1. Sword of The Spirit-The Word of God.

The Intellectual Emperors educate themselves so well on the myths of pagan man that they become blinded and incapable of comprehending The Word of God and the times in which they live.

Isaiah 29:9-14, Romans 1:21-32

  1. Prayer, at all times.

Atlas may take up the torch of Christendom, the appearance of faith, when it fits his agenda. Yet, like the Laodicean church, men led, not led by the Spirit of God, the illusion, the myth of Atlas evaporates in the gaze of God Who is a consuming fire.

Evil does not present itself as a Greek mythological monster, but masquerades quite often as purveyors of beauty and benevolence, ‘all for your good and with your best interest in mind,’ of course.

“The sentimental advocacy of indiscriminate generous human sympathies, or the prevalence of universal pity, cannot suffice to save a society which has denied its Divine ordination.

I have observed that the philosophers in order to insinuate their political atheism into young minds systematically flatter all their passions natural and unnatural. They explode or render odious or contemptible that class of virtues with restrain the appetite. In place of this, they substitute a virtue which they call humanity or benevolence. By this means their morality has no idea of restraint, or indeed of a distinct settled principle of any kind. When their disciples are thus left free and guided only by present feeling they are no longer to be depended on for good or evil. The men who today snatch the worst criminals from justice will murder the most innocent persons tomorrow.” Edmund Burke to the Chevalier de Rivarol, 1791

Interesting how the cries for government ‘money to follow the child’, “School Choice”, ESA’s, vouchers etc. never originated with the parents of children, the private academic or private religious schools. They have always recognized the choice and the personal cost. Teach your own children, pay to educate your child privately, or enlist them in the government system.

The rebranded “School Choice” momentum originated with the Intellectual Emperors, Professional educators, Universities, Colleges, curriculum vendors, community organizers, Testing boards, political engineers, Economic development chambers and those integrated into the government infrastructure. All supposedly acting in benevolence for the little people who “need” Atlas and his Intellectual Emperors to govern them.

The Intellectual Emperors stripped of God’s Principles bowing to a myth cannot hold up their own pants, let alone the heavens. They certainly cannot be expected to uphold that which they do not possess. Just be certain you do.







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