Testing, Assessments, Standards, Teaching Machines… The Science of Creating Obedient Citizens. Behavioral Science.


Testing, Assessments, Standards, Teaching Machines… The Science of Creating Obedient Citizens. Behavioral Science.

“Education is what survives when what has been learned has long been forgotten.”

B.F. Skinner, father of Operant Conditioning.

  1. Behavior modifies the Neural System.

The human brain is neuroplastic. It changes all the time. The mere act of seeing something, reading something, doing something, thinking about something or being emotionally engaged in something changes the brain itself. “The behavior modifies the neural system no less than the neural system directs the behavior.” *

Behavioral Science is the branch of psychology that specializes in studying behaviors and means of influencing, modifying, and controlling those behaviors. Behavioral Science is known to ply its trade on and through living things such as: animals, humans, communities, markets, cultures, herds, etc. as well as computers and artificial intelligence.

Behavioral Sciences utilizes tests, assessments, embedded formative assessments, computers, artificial intelligence, peer relations, group dynamics, ethical training, digital media, digital learning, public relations media, polls, social media, advertising etc. to ply its trade on its subjects. Behaviors are largely modified without subject consent.

Russian psychologist, Ivan Pavlov (1849-1936) is noted for his Classical Conditioning of dogs, often called Pavlovian Conditioning. Pavlov trained, (conditioned), dogs to salivate at the sound of a bell by associating the ringing of a bell each time the dogs were presented with food. The dogs associated the stimulus, the ringing bell, with the food so well, that eventually, they would salivate with only the ringing of the bell and no food presented. Their habit became reflexive, formed and embedded. The association of two stimuli to elicit a behavior is called “classical conditioning”. Classical conditioning is a form of learning. Cell phones are conditioning users ad nauseum these days. The general public resembles Alessandro Volta’s electrified frogs with each buzz, beep, jingle, flash or vibration of the conditioning cell phone.

American psychologist, Burrhus Frederic (B.F.) Skinner (1904-1990) took Pavlov’s work further. Skinner is known as the father of Operant Conditioning, the branch of Behaviorism that seeks to reinforce the desired behavior, action, or ideology, via the use of positive or negative consequences. Skinner designed tests, assessments, teaching machines, operant conditioning chambers, etc. using rewards for desired responses and punishment, “aversive stimulus”, for undesirable responses. (Or resistance to the desired behavior criteria: the logic or standards of the training experiment-the test.)

Skinner advanced the use of testing, assessment, “teaching machines” that would train human beings to the desired behaviors of his utopian society, which he wrote about in his novel entitled “Walden Two.” The methods espoused in Skinner’s novel are now known and employed as applied behavior **analysis (ABA). **Note the misleading word “analysis” which is, in fact, shaping the neural system, behaviors, attitudes, values and framework upon which future stimuli will be integrated and acted upon. Any test, assessment, media that stimulates any of the receptive sensory systems (auditory, visual, proprioceptive, olfactory, tactile, chemical, thermal, pain, vestibular) or engages cognition, thought, of the participant changes the subject himself.

  1. Rewards, Testing, Stickers, Grades, Degrees and Positive Reinforcement, Operant conditioning in the Brain- Yours, your child’s, your culture’s.

Learning happens every moment whether we are cognizant of it or not. We can experience active learning in which we are intentional about building brain pathways, encoding new information with previous experiences and organizing this input for future reference, rumination, pruning or reflexive reactions. Learning also happens passively, even when we are not focused, engaged and perceiving accurately nor being organized wisely.

Learning happens whether the information is true, accurate, beneficial, novel, interesting or in agreement with our personal convictions and faith. This is why education was to be administered by parents. Genesis 18:19 provides explicit details and intentions in establishing parents with the transmission of knowledge, beliefs and values to their children.

“For I have chosen him, so that he will direct his children and his household after him to keep the way of the LORD by doing what is right and just, so that the LORD will bring about for Abraham what He has promised.”

Genesis 18:19

This decree contains the four essentials for successful transmission of culture. The Source is God; the content is that which is right and just; the transmitter is the parent and the target is the child, and heirs.

Behavioral science has long yoked with political science to remove the parents from the education and transmission of culture to their heirs and to instead create a dependency on the government as being the “paternal state.”

When the education of the child became a taxpayer funded, government administrated entity, compulsory, and universal,- it removed the parents as being the transmitters of knowledge, values, and beliefs. It also sought to remove the responsibility of the parents to answer to God for successful transmission of what is right and just. The responsibility remains.

In the statist model, the parents were replaced with a Third-party payer system that had millions of payers, taxpayers, who demanded accountability for their assumed interests and returns on their third party payer investments.

Thus, enters the Operant Conditioning system of tests, assessments, teaching machines, social-emotional rewards and punishment based not upon the parents’ assigned content, but upon those of the administration, governors, planners, peer review, group consensus, investors, vendors, employees, and future employers of the infrastructure upon which the paternal government builds its power; and shapes public opinion.

So, in order to convince:

Parents- that junior is learning;

Taxpayers- that teachers are laboring;

Administrators- that teachers are intimidated and teaching to the test;

Employers- that workers (human capital) will be produced and productive;

Government- that taxes will be harvested;

Colleges and Universities- that academia will still produce proselytes;

and Politicians -that folks will be easily led …the Operant Conditioning reward system is employed on all levels. (How many reward cards do you have? How many regulated tax deferred ‘savings’ accounts…ESA, FSA, HSA, 401 K, 529, IRA, SIMPLE, Roth etc. ….or non-profit tax deductible affiliations? How many degrees? Certifications? Guild memberships? Accreditations?)

  1. Tests used to Sort, Lane, verify conformity of proselytes, to assign stickers of state to wards of state.

Each time the politically “correct” answer is regurgitated in the class, on the quiz, on the test, on the “assessment”, on the computer…. the student gets a “good boy!” This desired response is positively reinforced via a hit of dopamine in the reward center of the brain, the nucleus accumbens. Consistently regurgitating the “correct” response results in more approbation: “You memorize well, Johnny….You are so smart! ….. We need to advance you to the Alpha class. …..You will go to college and manage other people. You may even run testing machines like I do.” Or “Johnny, you may be a scientist…or even a planner! Planners are above us managers. Keep giving the “right” answer, the one the planners want or you may just be a ‘worker’.”

Tests are used for embedding ideas, conformity, shaping predictable behaviors and for student sorting. Laning and sifting out which students perform well, meaning conform well and take orders well. These will be good for administrators in civil servant, bureaucracy positions. The use of digital media, computers with artificial intelligence with self-adapting algorithms makes Skinner’s dreams of “teaching machines” to upload Utopian mindsets a very present reality. The logic uploaded is not that of the Source, God, nor that of the parent, but rather the logic of the software. The software programmer embeds the logic of the governing authorities over him; whoever pays his wage dictates what is deemed as “correct”, politically correct.

Most of Socialist Europe employs classical education methods whose content is reinforced via high pressure testing, sorting and laning for assigned positions within the socialist frameworks often called “republics.”

See the educational methods and mindset of Germany, Hungary, Austria, United Kingdom, Romania, Italy, Russia, Ukraine and China. Access, Placement, Advancement, lifework and societal rank are determined by test performance and evaluations at specific ages. These systems remove the need for the individual to think and self-direct. They are conditioned to only “do” as told, to fulfill their assigned role in the state. Germans know this as “Gleichschaltung”, the integration of man into the State. [ 7]

In the early to mid 20th century, parents from Europe and Asia sent their children to America for education. But, as American education duplicates the socialist mindset of these socialist nations, her education system is no longer one of excellence nor is it fit for those seeking to prepare their heirs for constitutional self-governance.

See articles from academics on the failure of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)’s Programme of International Student Assessment known as PISA exams, which entails over 60 countries https://www.theguardian.com/education/2014/may/06/oecd-pisa-tests-damaging-education-academics

and by Bruce G. Hammond on Chinese test takers– China and Testing Great Test Scores, Bad Schools: A Cautionary Tale From China


If the student regurgitates the desired responses flawlessly they will get many “A’s”, the teacher will get good evaluations, the school will get its funding for successful operant conditioning, the student will get scholarships, Advanced Placement (AP) credits, approval from parents and family. The student will be called a ‘scholar’ and advance to the next round of testing and assessments conditioning him to do whatever it takes to pass the test, get the grade, get the neurochemical fix and sense of self worth that is reinforced in these operations. Students learn to “give the system, the test, the teacher, what they want”, advance past “GO” collect the rewards and keep collecting the stickers, the currency, the prestige and the position-the ‘reward’.

  1. Conditioned to Compromise, Conform, Lie and Cheat to get the Grade, “Success”, The Positive Reinforcement Reward.

Students want so much to make the grade, get the score, have ‘success’, please the test givers, their parents, peers, audience and get the conditioned reward, that they confess to lying, cheating and stealing to do so…and being okay with their “ethic.”

Josephson Institute on Ethics…

  • Age: 17 or under (51%); 18-24 (36%); 25-40 (18%); 41-50 (11%); Over 50 (10%). Teens are five times and young adults (18-24) are three times more likely than those over 40 to hold the cynical belief that lying and cheating is necessary to success. This belief is one of the most significant and reliable predictors of dishonest behavior in the adult world.

“According to the Josephson Institute of Ethics 2010 survey of 43,000 young people, 92 percent of students were satisfied with their personal ethics and character. However:

While 89 percent of students believe that being a good person is more important than being rich, almost one in three boys and one in four girls admitted stealing from a store within the past year. Moreover, 21 percent admitted they stole something from a parent or other relative, and 18 percent admitted stealing from a friend.

On lying, more than two in five said they sometimes lie to save money (48 percent of males and 35 percent of females). While 92 percent of students believe their parents want them to do the right thing, more than eight in ten confessed they lied to a parent about something significant.

Rampant cheating in school continues. A majority of students (59 percent) admitted cheating on a test during the last year, with 34 percent doing it more than two times. One in three admitted they used the Internet to plagiarize an assignment._

In its 2008 report on the relationship between un-ethical behavior in school and unethical behavior as adults, the Josephson Institute of Ethics reported:

Regardless of current age, people who cheated on exams in high school two or more times are considerably more likely to be dishonest later in life. Compared to those who never cheated, high school cheaters are:

Three times more likely to lie to a customer (20% vs. 6%) or inflate an insurance claim (6% vs. 2%) and more than twice as likely to inflate an expense claim (10% vs. 4%).

Twice as likely to lie to or deceive their boss (20% vs. 10%) or lie about their address to get a child into a better school (29% vs. 15%) and one-and-a-half times more likely to lie to spouse or significant other (35% vs. 22%) or cheat on taxes (18% vs. 13%).” [4]

  1. The problem with Digital media and the human brain

It is a basic practice that when cognition is low, “educators” use behavioral science.

When the client or student is low on cognitive skills, the mediator employs a system of currency, the rewards, and coercions to get them to learn, conform, and cooperate with the desired behavior. The stickers on the refrigerator, the ice cream after the doctor appointment, the candy, the rewards cards, coupons, the new video game, material enticement, whatever shiny object to attract and hold up as an external currency. This is how animals are trained with treats, or affection for a good performance. This is the external reward under the control of the giver of the reward to define “success” or failure and keep the student on the leash.

In order to keep cognition low, planners continue to employ behavioral science. The human brain is an information processor. Information to process is received via the sensory systems of sight, sound, smell, balance, proprioception, taste, temperature, and pain and converted to representations in the brain. Sensory information (stimuli) must be transduced from the various forms of receptors into electrical, chemical and structural changes within the brain. This involves encoding, organization, elaboration and integration with previous experiences and memories that are stored all over the brain, nervous system and muscle. This takes time to create an accurate representation in a brain and to catalog it for appropriate recall, analysis and application of reasoned thought. Information processing in the human is an analog process, not a binary, digital one. [9]

When human sensory systems receive too much information, too rapidly, from too many sources, with too much change in scenes, volumes, colors, too many visuals, the systems cannot handle the volume of stimuli. This overwhelms the system and it resorts to the emotional, limbic, survival centers of the brain. This is the same default for preconditioned responses, fear conditioning, stimuli that the amygdala has associated with previously fearful, traumatic, or unpleasant experiences. The Midbrain, functions primarily on an emotional, fight, flight, fright, reactionary, and survival oriented level. This is not cerebral cognition. This is not rational, reasoning, or thoughtful response.

This is the level of Operant Conditioning. Trained impulse reflexive behaviors. Like Pavlov’s dogs, and Skinner’s Utopianists. Success means survival in “The Call of The Wild” and in government subsidized “education” for 21st century laborforce development.

“A government strong enough to act in defiance of public feeling may disregard…for it is able to punish.

But a government entirely dependent on opinion looks for some security as to what that opinion shall be, strives for the control of the forces that shape it, and is fearful of suffering the people to be educated in sentiments hostile to its institutions.”

Lord Acton (1834-1902)

Essays in the History of Liberty

  1. Forging Shackles: The Master-Slave: Patron- Proselyte Paradigm

The consequences of operant conditioning go beyond the immediate reinforcements. A student who tests well, will be offered monetary rewards, scholarships, special considerations in placement and in turn become indebted to his patrons. This is the simple master-slave relationship. The relationship becomes one of obligation of servitude to identify with one’s patron in funding, master in academia and their ideologies.

A student who receives an academic or merit scholarship is psychologically under obligation and angst to perform well in his studies, rank high in testing, and carry on the creed, in order to continue to receive the monetary rewards, subsidies, approbation and favors.

Often these relationships result in references for future professional positions in academia, research consortia, networks or related positions in the intelligentsia, bureaucracy, or influential laborforce. By this time, the recipient has long lost their individuality and the patrons know it. These well-trained proselytes, high performance pleasers, become the fiercest defenders of their patrons, mentors, system and alma maters in which they excelled, received recognition, approbation and identity. They will quite often demonstrate an obeisance, a worship of the patrons and masters who have forged their chains.

To accept money from another creates a relationship in which the recipient is the slave and the donor the master. The slave will continue to carry the baggage.

  1. Big Money in Test Prepping

Students in public schools spend over half their school days in preparation for accountability testing. Student Outcomes on testing determine funding, program continuation, teacher and administration employment. Now that vouchers have infected many private schools, they too, spend days on end prepping to pass the state and national tests to make the grade to continue voucher dollars. Prepping Vendors market videos, on-line courses, private tutoring, extended courses, Test prep study guides etc.

Parents shell out millions (thousands per student) to purchase Junior all the possible advantages to score high on the college placement, industry, and digital badge tests. They pay thousands of dollars in prep and continue to pay for taking the same exams repeatedly to keep raising scores. Practice does not make perfect, but it does create permanence in conditioning the logic of the test. Those that invest dollars in prepping to give the desired answers often get rewarded with higher scores. Test scores are often used to award monetary scholarships, which again reinforces the notion that it takes money to get more money. This also reinforces the attitudes expressed in the Josephson Institute Ethics studies on why students are willing to lie, cheat and steal to get the high scores. And why so many go on to lie, cheat, and rationalize their unprincipled actions later in life. They’ve been ‘rewarded’, conditioned to do so.

  1. Academia reinforces notion that there is No Absolute Truth.

In a survival oriented society of animals, the concept of moral absolutes, or absolute truth has little bearing. It is survival of the fittest, might makes right, the Darwinian dogma promoted by socialists that invaded campuses over a century ago.

Humanists (B.F. Skinner signed the Humanist Manifesto II) aligned with Marxist philosophies have labored toward creating a Utopia. They continue efforts to systematically transform humans to fit their idealized Utopian society.

The Academy for Systemic Change, promoting the utopian plans of MIT systems engineers, Peter Senge and Joe Hsueh, provides insightful systems maps to produce their “Effective Responsible Happy Citizens” goals. “The goal is to invest in various high-leverage points to the extent where the system tips to self-sustaining change processes.” [8]

Those key leverage points consist of: Peer Pressure Network Loops and Student Testing Outcomes.

In his book, The Fascist, His State, His Mind, E.B. Ashton points out that the Germans and Italians embraced fascism because the mindset of the people was such that they wanted it. Focusing on material goods, productivity, and prosperity as coordinated and distributed by the state, removed from the people the need to think. Citizens under Mussolini and Hitler’s National Socialist Workers (Nazi) Party, had only to do, to obey, to be “Effective Responsible Happy Citizens” just as the Academy for Systemic Change envisions for our citizens today.

The problem with conditioning citizens using awards, stickers, degrees of expertise and positions of authority in business and bureaucracy is that they eventually begin to believe they really are experts, above the law, above their fellow citizens, above God. This is what Chuck Colson said had allowed him to lie, cheat and steal during the 1970’s Watergate scandal and what the German Academics said allowed them to take the oath to the Nazi party. Their extensive education had taught them that they could rationalize away their principles, their faith, their consciences and convictions of right and just as defined by God.

  1. Mass Men, mass production, minimum Standards and human capital.

If you’ve ever made homemade bread, you realize it takes time and loving attention. One searches out the best ingredients, reads all the labels, and hones appropriate proportions and rise times that depend on factors such as humidity, room and oven temperature, and other variations that occur in real ingredients and in real life. Making good bread, like artisan cheeses, or any handcrafted piece is an art.

Nurturing minds, your own child’s mind is like that as well. One cannot separate the mind from the body or the spirit. Nor can one ignore the emotions, the setting factors, and the variances of talent, temperament, interest or heart in each unique individual. Children are a gift from God to be handled with His guidance, time and loving attention.

Mass produced bread gets shoved here and there and is trashed with very little concern. Homemade bread is crafted with care, anticipated with its attending aroma, appreciated for its taste, texture, nutrient value, extra efforts, shared with family and friends, and savored to the last crumb.

When the Third-Party payers took over education, outsourcing the designated transmitters, the parents accountable to God, they needed student-testing outcomes on dictated minimum standards to report metrics to third party investors.

Now, we all know what “minimum standards” have done for any industry.

Houses were far better constructed when the builder and homeowner worked together, eye-to-eye to design and build a house that would become a home enjoyed for generations, packed with friends and remarked upon as representative of the excellent craftsmanship of the builder.

Medical care was far better when the patient-doctor relationship had no third party middlemen dictating minimum and maximum allowable fees, appointment times, procedure frequency, record documentation, services, interventions, medications, reimbursements, surgeons, stays, providers, co-pays, information transportability, diagnosis codes and insurance processing.

Food was far more nutritious when the farmer raised foods he, his family and neighbors would eat; food that was not genetically modified to kill bugs, weeds and consumers. Nor was the food government subsidized to control market prices and pawned off on government aligned institutions, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, food banks and impoverished countries.

When men are educated in mass, conditioned for obedience to a minimum ‘standard’, and viewed only as human capital to be regimented in rank and file for labor and consumption purposes, then human life is devalued to that of day old commercial bread. In contrast to proposed theories of humanitarian benevolence, the socialist humanist models result in very little respect for human life, individual distinction, or individual liberty.

  1. Liberty requires that education be privately funded, parent directed.

“A general education is a mere contrivance for moulding people to be exactly like one another: and as the mould in which it casts them is that which pleases the predominant power in the government, whether this be a monarch, a priesthood, an aristocracy, or the majority of the existing generation; in proportion as it is efficient and successful, it establishes a despotism over the mind, leading by natural tendency to one over the body.”

J.S. Mill, On Liberty 1859

Even political economist, parliamentarian, Utilitarian John Stuart Mill (1806-1873), dubbed as “the most influential English-speaking philosopher of the nineteenth century,” rallied against standardized government subsidized education. Mill himself was educated at home by his parents.

J. S. Mill was a great advocate of education for all, as he sought to see the people of England equipped with the abilities to vote and participate in governance. Yet, the locale of education was not to be dictated and “there would be no official pressure to supply people with teachers previously instructed in government training colleges. In the words of Adam Smith: ‘They would soon find better teachers than any whom the state could provide for them.” Educator, Philosopher, Economist Adam Smith (1723-1790), the author of “Wealth of Nations”, noted for division of labor, had himself been a college professor and witnessed the realities of government subsidized education.

“In the University of Oxford, the greater part of the public professors have, for these many years, given up altogether even the pretence of teaching.”

Adam Smith in An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of Wealth of Nations (1776)

  1. ESA’s (Education Subsidy Accounts) more Behavioral Conditioning, deception, theft and cognitive dissonance.

Education Subsidy Accounts (ESA’s), Education Scholarship Accounts, and Education Savings Accounts (the deception label), expand the role of government regulation, funding, dependency and inflation into the lives of recipients, vendors, service providers, taxpayers, and current public education on all levels. ESA’s create yet, another, bureaucracy and bureaucratic demand for standardized content, Assessments, Testing and third-Party Accountability measures, as a result of yet, another government redistribution scheme of taxpayer monies.

This scheme is a ubiquitous example of Behavioral Science’s Operant Conditioning, again under the guise of free choice and ‘benevolence’. “Let us help you get what you have coming to you….and we’ll show you where to spend it.”

This scheme, like most education schemes in the past, does not originate with the parents, but with those who seek to gain from government funded redistribution programs and dependence on those programs. This scheme does not advance, as their propaganda states, “free-market” competition. In order to have a free-market competition, one must use one’s own resources. Free market does not exist in any market in which the competitors are funded by the endless pocket book of the government; the government which taxes taxpayers directly and indirectly to fund its redistribution schemes. (That is the definition of socialism: Government control of production and distribution of goods, services and ideas.)

a.Whose money is it?

These ESA accounts are NOT being filled with personal savings monies, but are created, out of thin air, using taxpayer monies! Read as digital illusions tracked on digital accounts. Creating ‘money’, even digital “money”, causes inflation of costs to all and reduces the value of all other money and savings.

b. More Shackles and Submission

“Free” money treats are placed in Education doggie bowl accounts in exchange for submission to regulations such as: registration with governing authorities; registration in and subsequent withdrawal from public school within designated time frame; private school accreditation, curriculum approval, assessment testing, expenditure documentation submission via specified modality, submission schedule, provider certification, vendor certification, and various sundry ‘accountability’ measures as the redistributors and planners arbitrarily desire.

Considering the Josephson Institute of Ethics ongoing survey results of students who lie, cheat and steal to get the grade on tests or be ‘successful’, and then as adults continue in their pattern of fallen ethics into their adult professions; perhaps, it is no wonder these adults marketing ESA accounts continue in their conditioned patterns of deception, avarice and taxpayer theft in order to be successful in the goals of their paymasters.

c. Opt-Out….but now, Opt-In? Cognitive Dissonance from the “experts.”

Don’t eat butter! Eat margarine. Hydrogenation is bad, so yes, eat butter. Don’t eat raw foods; pasteurization kills the bacteria; and the digestive enzymes, too. Oops, buy into the raw dairy herd. Don’t eat wheat or dairy, or corn or soy, or palm oil, or gmo, or shellfish, or sugar, or anything, unless it’s stamped ‘fair trade’, and non-gmo, and kosher. And, make certain your foods don’t leave any footprints on the planet. If folks just stop eating, there won’t be any footprints. (See what happened to food when the government subsidized farming and crop insurance?)

Just as the latest incomplete ‘research’ pumps the pedals of the food marketeers; what is being pushed one season by the education ‘reformers’ is a complete opposite of what was parroted the previous season. Notice that the very same groups of education experts who lead the Ed Subsidy Account (ESA) crusade, which will require assessment testing, are the very same crusaders who polished the verbiage and equipped parents to use their weapon of Opting-out of testing and assessments of the government subsidized, public education.

Yes, to recap— those very same folks who pushed the “Opt-out” of testing, assessments, college placements tests for data tracking reasons, are now advocating ESA’s which will require testing, assessments, registration and more data-tracking.

No wonder the herd is so weary of being stampeded from one canyon to the other; and the young bucks hardened, cynical and survival-oriented. 

d.“School Choice” double-speak.

Many of the same groups that promote ESA’s, have done this utilizing another deceptive double speak public relations phrase, that of “School Choice.” To the innocent person the phrase means just what the words say, and what we have always had: the choice of who should fund and direct the education of our child. This choice still exists. Parents may choose privately funded education or government taxpayer funded education.

The double speak is that the groups pushing ESA’s use the term “School Choice” to mislead the innocent, while at the same time create legislation that will expand the role of taxpayer funded government subsidy into private education resulting in placing private education under government control. To do so, will reduce the available options of truly private education. Parents and consumers will directly and indirectly subsidize, not only the latest taxpayer funded scheme, but, as more folks are behaviorally conditioned to accept government Education entitlement accounts, it will make it more difficult for privately funded education to compete with the market inflation caused by the government’s introduction of “free” ESA money.

Recent evidences of these crippling costs exist in the school voucher program, which has escalated the costs to formerly privately funded religious schools. These schools now find their costs tripled to meet the plethora of demands that the voucher program participation requires such as: additional testing, assessments, curriculum, facilities, technology, accreditation, teacher training, additional administrators, software etc.

e.Taxpayer and consumer theft. There is no free lunch and no free service.

Theft is defined as taking something that belongs to another without their consent.

Every consumer is a taxpayer. While not every consumer files a personal income tax return, every consumer who purchases anything, does pay tax. It is these consumer taxes that fund government and its dependency redistribution schemes.

This ESA scheme follows the same pattern of government expansion, dependency and control as evidenced in healthcare, healthcare insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, disability benefits, old age insurance, college loan subsidy, agriculture subsidy, industry bailouts, child welfare, mortgage insurance, and the array of tax deferred, government regulated invested accounts such as: 401 K, IRA, SIMPLE, FSA, HSA, 529, ESA, …blah, blah, blah.

Just because something is permitted, promoted, partially funded or favored via government redistribution of taxpayer funds does not mean that it is right, just or beneficial for anyone. Abortion, which goes by another ‘choice’ mantra, is a clear example of what happens to a society that succumbs to operant conditioning of the masses, fashioning the masses to dispose of people like day-old bread. There is no ‘free’ service; millions of individuals have had to pay for these services with their tax dollars, while millions more have paid for them with their lives. So much for ‘liberty and the pursuit of happiness.’

f.Bogus benevolence.

“The least amount of care is given when spending other peoples’ money on other people.”

Economist Milton Friedman wrote entire books based on this truism.

The middlemen, promoters of any government redistribution scheme whether it be special accounts, favors, tax deferment, tax-exemption, loans, grants, credits, subsidies, insurances etc. etc. practice behavioral science’s mental gymnastics in attempts to market these schemes as benevolent intentions. They are NOT.

It is never humane or charitable to condition a dog to salivate at the sound of a bell, nor is it benevolent to remove an individual’s liberty by coercing them into dependence upon others. Nor is it benevolent to redistribute the resources of others without their consent.

If one desires to be benevolent or charitable to others, then one ought to follow the directives pronounced by God and let Him distribute appropriate rewards.

“Be careful not to do your acts of righteousness before men, to be seen by them. If you do you will have no reward from your Father in heaven.

So when you give to the needy, do not announce it with trumpets, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and on the streets, to be honored by men. I tell you the truth, they have received their reward in full.

But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.”

Jesus Christ, as recorded by Matthew 6:1-4

If one desires to be benevolent, then one is to use one’s own personal resources, eliminating the middlemen who forge the shackles of dependence on the socialist welfare state.

So, to all those who promote more redistribution schemes using other peoples’ money to supposedly benefit others, we say,

“Do your own good deeds, using your own resources and leave each of us to use our own resources to do our own benevolence.

We will each keep our own accountability to God and not require the services of any middlemen, nor will we feed the leviathan of bureaucracy which consumes the lives, the liberties, the consciences and the pursuits of individual happiness.”



Partial Resources:

*Beyond Smarter, by Reuven Feuerstein (1921-2014). Professor Feuerstein, developmental, clinical and cognitive psychologist coined the term neuroplasticity, prior to the advent of functioning MRI’s that provide proof of this ongoing structural change in the brain.

Professor Feuerstein, a profoundly gifted, insightful and deeply religious Jew, recognizing that man is created in the image of G-d, and to be respected as such; was vehemently opposed to the use of computers, digital software, artificial intelligence and the like, in the teaching of human beings.


Biblical and Talmudic Antecedents of Mediated Learning Experience by Shmuel Feuerstein

Bruce G. Hammond – China and Testing Great Test Scores, Bad Schools: A Cautionary Tale From China http://www.isacs.org/misc_files/Hammond%20article.pdf





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Vladamir Turchenko, The Scientific and Technological Revolution and the Revolution in Education

Ludwig Von Mises, Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis

G. West, Education and the State, A Study in Political Economy










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2 Responses to Testing, Assessments, Standards, Teaching Machines… The Science of Creating Obedient Citizens. Behavioral Science.

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