About Dawn


Dawn Gutwein Kazmierzak

Who am I, why should you invest your precious time in checking out my website and how might you benefit from your investment? Great questions! I ask myself the same thing each time I surf the net.

I am the daughter of a godly immigrant, named Hilda. You can read more about that in the book I authored detailing my mom’s life, titled: Time To Choose, Growing Up Under Hitler and Watching History Repeat Itself.  (I say The Holy Spirit wrote the book, I got to type.)

I’m also a medical professional. I’ve been practicing Optometry for over 20 years. In fact, since my mom worked outside the home when I was a child, I pretty much assumed I would do the same thing. When I was three years old I began searching the Encyclopedia for careers. Lawyer was first…then medical Missionary. Stuck with the missionary choice and so chose Optometry as the mode to follow through on that career. I have had the privilege of practicing Optometry on a few other continents as well as private practice here. I came to realize life is all a mission field, if you will use the opportunities God provides.

I married later in life, age 38 years, and it was not until my husband and I adopted our precious daughter from Eastern Europe that my real career became obvious: being a full-time homeschooling mom. (and a part-time Optometrist)

Somehow being a career mom was never even in my list of choices during my youth. I’m pretty certain few young women realize the infinite value and privilege of being a career mom. A mom whose career is to nurture, mentor and mediate cognitive, relational and spiritual development in her precious children. This career has certainly challenged me more than any college training ever did. It has revealed more to me about medical science, child development, history, politics, economics, God and people than any college training ever could. And it keeps me on track with my main goal in life: to be conformed to the image of Christ.

As a result of my experiences and career as a thinking mom I am passionate about encouraging other people: moms, dads, grandparents, families, to: think, research, pray and make wise choices as we teach our next generation of godly thinkers.

Here you’ll find practical insights, challenging topics, and resources gleaned from my personal experience as well as those that are experts in their fields. The most beneficial component will be the connection with other moms who are “in the field.”

We’ll connect on many of the topics moms face today such as: the development of cognitive thinking skills, ADD, ADHD, SPD, adoption, nutrition, neuroscience, attachment, economics, politics, history, curriculum, relational, emotional, trans-generational transmission of culture and most important the spiritual development of our families.

Our goal being to cultivate a thinking lifestyle established foremost on faith in God and His absolute Truths; mutual insights, encouragement and connection as we raise the next generation of godly thinkers. I hope you’ll join us. Think about it.

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