Time To Choose, Growing Up Under Hitler and Watching History Repeat Itself

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The average 12-year-old girl thinks about what she’ll wear to school, how many “likes” she gets… and boys. When Hilda was 12-years-old she worked long days on the family farm in Eastern Europe, lived under constantly changing political influences, and wondered if she would live to be thirteen. In Hilda’s biography, Time to Choose: Growing Up Under Hitler and Watching History Repeat Itself, she and her daughter, Dawn, chronicle the journey of a Christian family’s life in war-torn Eastern Europe and their trek to America, the land of freedom.

Dawn Kazmierzak, a wife, the daughter of a refugee and the mother of a refugee, and a doctor of optometry accounts her mother’s struggle to honor God and her parents while growing up in an ever-changing landscape of political strife and fear…She tells the story of Hilda’s growing up on the family farm, learning a trade, reluctantly joining Hitler’s Youth movement, and her family’s immigration to the United States. Through Hilda’s life, readers will witness the story of a God who continually prepares, protects, and provides for His child and a woman whose unshakeable faith in God has carried her through heartache and loss on both sides of the globe.

Each chapter ends in a section titled “Connecting the Dots” where they help readers see the connections to American society today and the lessons that can be gleaned from this gripping story. People of all ages will enjoy this relevant and timely book, especially those concerned with the current trends in American society. Young readers will marvel at the experiences of Hilda as a teenager and young woman. The book will stir adult readers, especially parents and teachers, to engage youngsters in dialogue about truth and wisdom and to protect the tender minds of those under their influence.

~Nikki Studebaker Barcus, teacher, and freelance writer for publications such as Guideposts and Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Hilda Gutwein, the youngest of eight children born to a German farmer, grew up in a war zone –the Balkan States. Her family lived under Socialism, Communism, and Hitler’s Third Reich. Eventually, they were caught between two totalitarian forms of government, and Hilda’s father had to make a choice for his family–stay and defend their homeland or leave everything behind.

Follow the story of Hilda’s journey from a land controlled by fear and brutality to a land of freedom. Moreover, it’s an account of unwavering faith in the One who is trustworthy and unchanging no matter what comes.

Through Hilda’s accounts, you’ll gain insights about:

* A culture headed to the default of a dictator, monarch, or centralized power

* How propaganda instills fear and a need for government “protection”

* The true role and abilities of government.

* How censorship, deceptive concepts, and false ideologies can spread through media

* Why freedom is prized by most of the world’s citizenry but rarely obtained.

Beyond an amazing account, each chapter ends with a “Connecting the Dots” section in which you and your family can begin to “think about it“, transmit your values and formulate your own plans to mind the minds, souls and virtues of your children, your community and your nation.

In light of the climate of your country today, where will you look for your family’s future? The time is now. It’s your turn to choose.

Dawn Gutwein Kazmierzak, Hilda’s daughter, has a bachelor’s degree in Biology and a doctor of Optometry degree. She’s been privileged to learn history while watching her mother model a life of unequaled trust in God and Connecting those dots of with insight for future generations as she teaches her young daughter to think and make wise choices.

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